The best dive spots in Dahab, Egypt

This post may contain compensated links, please read our disclaimer for more info. - best dive sites in Dahab EgyptWith approximately 30 dive sites, everyone can find a favorite dive spot in Dahab. There’s a huge variety. You can do a deep dive at Canyon in the morning and search for seahorse in the seagrass fields at Lighthouse after lunch. Or go on a camel safari to the pristine reef at Abu Galum, where you can also spend the night sleeping under the stars.

Almost all of the dive sites in Dahab are shore dives, making this an excellent location for both novice and advanced divers, and snorkelers. It’s a great (and budget friendly!) place to get your PADI Open Water certification or advanced training too. Now, let’s take a look at Dahab’s best dive sites.

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The Canyon

After Blue Hole Canyon is one of the most famous dive sites in Dahab. It can be very busy here, so it’s best to dive here first thing in the morning, before the busloads of divers and snorkelers from Sharm el Sheikh arrive. Canyon is a great dive site for those who like cave or cavern diving and extending to 55 m it’s also a good spot for tec divers. Recreational dives here are done with a maximum depth of 100ft (30m), which is when you reach the bottom in the shallowest part of the Canyon. Bring a torch to fully appreciate these remarkable geological formations and the marine life that lives inside The Canyon. Instructors often take their advanced students here for their deep adventure dive. - best dive sites in Dahab Egypt

The Islands

Located just inside Dahab’s most southern check-point, Islands is a unique dive site you definitely shouldn’t miss. Spectacular coral formations create an underwater labyrinth, with lots of cracks and crevices to explore. The coral maze is home to a large school of yellowtail barracudas. At low tide large island-like underwater structures become visible, hence the name of this dive spot. With a maximum depth of around 18-20 meters, this site is suited for all certification levels. - best dive sites in Dahab Egypt


Although it’s one of the most dived spots in Dahab, smack in the center of town, it’s still one of my personal favorites. There’s always something interesting to find and it’s great to practice photography. At Lighthouse you also find the confined area where novice divers do their first open water dives. Entry and exit are super easy and the diving is relaxed. During your surface interval, you can relax at one of the many restaurants on the boulevard. After you enter go left to explore the coral wall which opens up to a sandy area with lovely coral blocks, or go right to look into the many clay pots that lie there and continue to the seagrass to try and spot seahorses. - blog: dive destination Dahab - boulevard Dahab Egypt

Three Pools

This is a very relaxed dive, suited for divers of all certification levels and also a good spot to snorkel. The name Three Pools comes from the three naturally formed ‘pools’ you swim through at the beginning of the dive. With all the colorful fish and corals this truly feels like swimming in an aquarium. When you dive here, you often spend the day at Wadi Gnai in the south of Dahab. The Bedouin restaurants with their tasty food and lovely lounge areas are a perfect place to relax. Non-divers will enjoy it here too, as you can easily go swimming here in front of the restaurants. - best dive sites in Dahab Egypt

Gabr el Bint / Shugeirat / Shahira

These three dive sites can be found all the way to the South, beyond Dahab’s most southern checkpoint. They can be reached by jeep but much easier by boat. We once did a 3-day camping & diving trip in this part of the desert, which was fantastic. These dive spots hardly see any divers and truly offer first-rate diving. Observe the rich marine life and healthy corals while diving some of Dahab’s best walls, gentle sandy slopes, and colorful coral gardens. - best dive sites in Dahab Egypt




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