Fun dive log books for women

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Fun dive log books for women

I’m actually a bit allergic to brands that think products are ‘perfect for women’ simply because they’ve added some pink or purple accents. To be completely honest I don’t own any dive gear that’s made especially for women (other than my Bare wetsuit, which I still love!). Of course, well-researched products that actually serve to help women or that just appeal to our sense of design or humor, well… that’s a different story. Wetsuits that cater to our curves and BCD’s that fit a women’s anatomy, gotta love those. And since I’m a big fan of logging my dives, I recently decided to create some fun dive log books for women.


I regularly see pics in the Girls That Scuba Facebook group of awesome dive gear and fun dive accessories for women. Although in some parts of the world diving is still predominantly for the good ol’ boys, diving and dive brands have definitely come a long way. A lot has changed since I first got certified about 20 years ago. Can you believe that the Girls That Scuba Facebook group now has 54.2K members?!

So I reckoned it was time for some fun scuba log books for female divers who don’t take themselves too seriously. With cheeky covers and well-thought-out log pages. For all of us good girls that love to go down, mermaids that drink like pirates and all the salty b*tches out there 😉 They’re all available on Amazon, so go check them out! They make great presents for your dive buddies too.

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You can click on any of the images above to go directly to that book’s page. Or find the links to each individual dive log book below:

Dive Log – Certified Mermaid >>  
Dive Log – Salty B*tch >>  
Dive Log – Drink Like a Pirate, Dive Like a Mermaid >>  
Dive Log – Good Girls Go Down >>  
Dive Log – Mermaid is my Middle Name >>  

I prefer my dive log to be quite detailed, but still easy to use. So this scuba log book has all the basics, but it also allows you to quickly record lots of other things such as what gear you used, visibility, temperature, weather and water conditions etc. A clean design with checkboxes and clearly defined areas to fill in… and plenty of space to write about all the cool things you saw.

SATW dive log pages

Sized 5×8″ they’re perfect to tuck in your dry bag and take along on your dive trip. This divers log has space for 100 dives. It also contains a page to record your personal info, space for up to 6 certifications, a page to write down your diving wish list, and 7 lined pages for additional notes.

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