Suunto Vyper Novo review

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Suuno Vyper Novo Review
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The Suunto Vyper Novo is a wrist computer for experienced divers, with optional wireless air integration. Surprisingly affordable for such an advanced computer.

- 3D compass
- 3 gas mixes
- user changeable battery

- manual altitude setting
- too big to wear as watch
ScubaAroundTheWorld - Suunto Vyper Novo reviewWhile the Suunto Vyper Novo looks almost identical to the Suunto Zoop Novo, under the hood there are a lot of differences. The Suunto Zoop is a great entry-level computer and an excellent budget choice. Big brother Vyper is definitely geared towards advanced divers, with multi-gas support and optional wireless air integration.

The large display of the Suunto Vyper Novo shows all the information you need during your dives in a nice easy to read font. The four-button interface makes it easy to access the intuitive menu structure, which is comparable to other Suunto dive computers. The user replaceable battery lasts up to 1,5 years (at 100 dives a year) and the dive log stores up to 140 hours at a sampling rate of 20 seconds. Like all Suunto computers, the Suunto Vyper Novo uses the Suunto RGBM (reduced gradient bubble model) to calculate decompression stops.


Suunto Vyper air integration & multi-gas diving

One of the most prominent features of the Suunto Vyper dive computer is the optional air integration. This allows the computer to grow with you as you advance as a diver and helps you to maximize your bottom time. It supports up to three transmitters. The Vyper Novo can handle multi-gas diving for up to three different gases (with oxygen levels up to 99% and PO2 between 1.2 and 1.6). It has a deep stop functionality, aiming to make your dives even safer. Maximum depth is 262 ft (80m).

Wrist computer with multiple dive modes

The Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer offers multiple dive mode settings: air, nitrox, gauge and free dive. You can also set it to ‘off’ mode. This will ensure it doesn’t turn itself on when entering the water. To be honest I don’t really see the appeal. The Vyper is a wrist dive computer and therefore a lot larger than dive watch computers like the Suunto D4i or the D6i. Unless you’re afraid it might be stolen while you’re in the water, I’m not sure why you’d want to take it for a swim.

Digital compass & audible alarms

Find your way in complex underwater landscapes with the integrated 3D digital compass. Even at a 45-degree angle, it gives a true reading. The Suunto Vyper Novo offers various visual and audible alarms, such as dive time, maximum depth, tank pressure, gas time, deepstop violation and decompression ceiling violation. An audible alarm is always a great reminder that you’ve reached a certain depth, especially when you’re too busy watching that amazing shark.

In its free dive mode, this wrist computer shows an innovative apnea timer. This makes the Suunto Vyper Novo an excellent choice for both free divers and scuba divers.

Suunto Vyper vs Zoop

With the Suunto Vyper Novo and the Suunto Zoop Novo looking so much alike, what are the main differences? Take a look at the table below to get a feel for Vyper vs Zoop and decide which one is the best dive computer for you. Also, check our Suunto Zoop Novo review for more details. In a nutshell, Suunto Zoop is great entry-level dive computer, while the Suunto Vyper is much more advanced and high-end.

Suunto Vyper NovoSuunto Zoop Novo
Colors Black, White Blue, Black, Lime
Gas mixes 3 1
Air integration
Digital compass
Conservatism adjustment
Deep stops
Price $$ $

Suunto Vyper vs Vyper Novo

Suunto Vyper vs Vyper Novo, what are the differences? The Suunto Vyper Novo is definitely a step up from the old Suunto Vyper, which is now discontinued. Compared to the Vyper Novo, an advanced feature-rich dive computer, the original Vyper is little more than entry-level. Check the table below to see the differences.

Suunto Vyper NovoSuunto Vyper
Weight 134 68
Gas mixes 3 1
Air integration
Digital Compass
Freedive mode
Interface 4 buttons 3 buttons
Logbook capacity (hours) 140 36
Price $$ $

Suunto Vyper Novo Review: our verdict

The Vyper Novo shows a significant increase in functionality compared to the old Suunto Vyper and the Suunto Vyper Air. The new Suunto Vyper dive computer offers air integration, 3 gas mixes and the option to switch mid-dive, a digital compass, increased logbook memory and new dive modes. It has become a high-end dive computer, perfect for advanced divers. Because of the size, I personally prefer a watch-style dive computer, but lots of divers like a slightly bigger dive computer with a large display. If you’re looking to buy a wrist dive computer, the Suunto Vyper is definitely one of the best wrist dive computers on the market today.

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